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Clinical Trials

The American College of Radiology (ACR) developed the TRIAD (Transfer of Images and Data), cloud based image and data exchange platform, to support image and data sharing for clinical trials. TRIAD meets FDA regulatory requirements for use in clinical trials; it is Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

TRIAD supports the fast and efficient submission of clinical trial images and data from all types of modalities, e.g., MRI, CT, PET/CT and radiotherapy planning workstations, with easy-to-use tools and online services. Benefits of using TRIAD include:

  • Sends images and data files securely
  • Provides role based access
  • Anonymizes  the DICOM headers locally before submission based on flexible and profile based algorithm
  • Validates the DICOM tags before submission based protocol requirements
  • Streamlines and expedites the sharing of clinical trial findings


Supporting clinical trials for over 10 years, TRIAD’s unique features streamline the workflow in busy clinical environments. These include:

  • The flexibility for staff submitting images and data to change, replace, or delete uploaded data with ease
  • A straight-forward software download is all that is needed to get started
  • Easy integration with facility PACS, allows for drag files directly into TRIAD
  • Images and data are submitted with a click of a button


  • NCI-Sponsored Trials

    TRIAD is used extensively to support image and data exchange for National Cancer Institute sponsored trials and is tightly integrated with the National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN) systems such as the Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program Identity and Access Management (CTEP-IAM) and the Regulatory Support System (RSS).

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  • Other Clinical Trial Programs

    TRIAD is also used for oncology imaging trials that are not part of NCTN. Those clinical trials can be funded by military or any other government or other non-profit organization.

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