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TRIAD is used to collect, de-identify and transmit the data securely from the participating facilities for the Dose Index Registry (DIR). TRIAD Site Server, software only component, is installed at facilities that receives images from local DICOM devices and submits them automatically to TRIAD Central Server located at ACR.

The Dose Index Registry (DIR) is a data registry that allows facilities to compare their CT dose indices to regional and national values. Information related to dose indices for all CT exams is collected, and personally identifiable information is de-identified according to the DICOM supplement 142 standard, transmitted to the ACR, and stored in a database. Institutions are then provided with periodic feedback reports comparing their results by body part and exam type to aggregate results. Data collected from the registry will be used to establish national benchmarks for CT dose indices.

TRIAD Site Server high level features for DIR includes:

  • Runs as a Windows service,
  • Communicates with DICOM devices using DICOM protocol,
  • Receives DICOM files from third party devices including PACS and scanners
  • Identifies secondary captured images and converts them to Radiation Dose Structured Reports (RDRS) by using an OCR tool De-identifies the DICOM headers
  • Sends DICOM files automatically to TRIAD Central Server
  • Received data and images are used to create periodic and ad hoc NRDR reports