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Additional TRIAD Use Cases

TRIAD is the key component of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) imaging project managed by ACR’s Head Injury Institute . TRIAD is used to demonstrate and emerging DICOM part 19 standard for “plug-ins” and an NIH sponsored RAD toolset (eXtensible Imaging Platform) to create a TBI specific imaging solution.

TRIAD is an image transmission mechanism for American Institute for Radiologic Pathology (AIRP) program of ACR. Residents who participate in AIRP ( training classes submit their cases by using TRIAD application prior to attending a class. TRIAD has effectively been used for the AIRP program since 2011.

TRIAD is also used for ACR’s Radiology Curriculum Management System (RCMS) to receive images for the content repository. For more information, please visit RCMS web site at